Partners & Investors in Select Ventures

In 2007, LSC established an affiliation with RCHS. This relationship created a framework through which RCHS will provide credit enhancement services as well as equity capital for certain projects and developments initiated by either LSC or RCHS.
Jim Whitehead, Principal-Manager
In 2008, LSC established a partnership with LyBrand Commercial, a Houston based Real Estate Brokerage, Investment, and Development Company. This partnership (Lybrand-LSC, LLC.) created a framework through which over 1000 acres in the Houston metropolitan area will be marketed and developed along the "288 Corridor" in the cities of Pearland and Manvel.
Julio Lybrand, President
In 2008, LSC established an affiliation with Strategic Capital Partners. This relationship created the framework through which Strategic Capital Partners will provide equity capital for certain "288 Corridor" projects and developments initiated either by Lybrand-LSC or Strategic Capital Partners.
Richard H. Hurd, President and Chief Investment Officer
Robert J. Bollhoffer, Vice President- Acquisitions